Mistblower sprayers

The range of pneumatic sprayers "Booster" is the result of studies, trials and tests with important University centres of agricultural mechanics, to offer you an innovative range of sprayers, with excellent performance, coupled with the quality Caffini. The aerodynamics shape of the turbine and conveyor air exalt "Venturi effect" principle, whereby the very strong air flow produced by the turbine, placed in diffusers, comes into contact with the chemical mixture, at low pressure, which atomizer itself by the action of air flow speed. With the pneumatic pulverization is possible to reduce the quantity of water necessary to the treatment even up to ten times the quantity normally used. The pneumatic nebulisation, as it is formed by small size droplets of uniform diameter, allows coverage of the vegetation more homogeneous compared to conventional spraying. Furthermore, the lower weight of the drops can grip optimal on the leaves, with very little loss on the ground, saving up to 15-20% pesticide. SO: SAVE TIME, SAVE PESTICIDE, ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY.