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Grass Killer

GrassKiller: the revolution!

Grasskiller is the new cold water weed-killing machine for wine and fruit crops, patented by Caffini.

Thanks to a 1000 bar pump, weeds are destroyed not just above ground, but even underground, mincing weed’s roots up to some centimeters USING ONLY ROOM TEMPERATURE WATER!

In 2017 Caffini presents the TWIN version, giving to the machine 2 heads, mounted on front tractor linkage. The two heads work simultaneously on the two sides of the row, halving working time. The width of Grasskiller Twin frame can be hydraulically adjusted directly from the cabin. Both heads have independent hydraulic swing device, whose sensibility can be adjusted to work even with very young plants.

The innovative contact rotor with lobed profile, prevents the sliding of the head on the plant, copying its profile.

An Innovation that will solve the problem of grass and weeds in wine and fruit crops when other solutions have proven to be only temporary and ineffective and even harmful to plants.

A Revolution that will change the life of traditional production farms and especially organic ones.