Mistblower sprayers
Synthesis P

Since 1994 the Synthesis series has been part of the sprayer range of Caffini, who is one of the leading sprayer manufacturers in Europe.
The new “Synthesis step 2” range takes advantage of all the latest innovations concerning the EC standard in force and with the future ones, besides of the new rotational polyethylene tank of Caffini’s design.
The ventilation system was further improved on the base of the experience and of the good results obtained during the several production years of the first Synthesis series. The aims and the advantages offered by the Synthesis Step 2 are the following:
• Distribution aimed only to the vegetation which needs to be sprayed, with a consequent drift reduction and saving of chemical product besides a protection of the environment.
• Greater penetration into the foliage thanks to the tangential air flow.
• Longer exposure time and greater spraying angle compared to the conventional sprayers.
• Perfectly even air distribution both on the left and right side (as proved by university tests) with a 1% discrepancy between both sides!
• Great flexibility of the rate of flow in 1/ha with distributions ranging from 120 to 600 l/ha for vineyard and form 200 to 1200 l/ha for orchard.
• Different distribution according to the various plant heights in order to concentrate a greater air quantity in the upper part of the plant for a better spraying quality.
• Furthermore, the rear tangential distribution does not allow the chemical mixture to point to the tractor and avoids the picking up of leaves and residual grass from the ground.