Caffini always provides its experience to offer to all the specialists in the sector Innovative Agricultural Mist-Blower Sprayers simple to use and that guarantee the best treatment yield both in Vineyards and Orchards. Each Agricultural Mist-Blower Sprayer is planned and designed to propose to the market a range of solutions that can satisfy any type of request. The selection of Agricultural Mist-Blower Sprayers really answers to the necessities of each farmer because it consists of traditional Mist-Blower Sprayers, with front suction unit (Reverse), turret atomizers, pneumatic sprayers, electrostatic mist-blower sprayers, digging and recovery mist-blower sprayers. Each Agricultural Mist-Blower Sprayer has a wide selection of optionals, so the machine can fulfil the demands of all the specialists of the sector.