Sturdy and simple to use, the Trained Boom Sprayers by Caffini represent the best solution to ensure the distribution of the phytosanitary product on crops. The precision with which the pesticide is dispensed ensures, in fact, an efficient containment of drift and a consequent reduction of costs. Whatever the dimensions of your activity are, Caffini has designed a weeding barrel, which is able to answer perfectly to the necessities of your crop’s treatment. The structure of each Boom Sprayer can be customized according to the needs, through the adoption of an Air Wings air channel system, for a more sustainable and less expensive agriculture. Caffini always gives attention to the details in the design of its machines. For this reason, it offers to all the farmers the possibility to equip the Boom Sprayers with the most advanced technology, offered by the ISOBUS protocol, to rationalize the use of phytochemicals and to make the process of protecting the crops more efficient.

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