Discover Caffini

Caffini Spa was born in 1924 in Palù, in the province of Verona, by dedicating itself firstly to the construction of Mild-Blower Sprayers and then to the production of Boom Sprayers for the open field. Today the brand Caffini is specialised in the production of machines dedicated to Crops Protection.

The passion is the quality that most distinguishes our team: the tenacity that characterizes all the specialists of Caffini contributes to develop sales at national and international level, making the brand known and appreciated all over the world for quality, innovation, and after-sale service.

While maintaining the family ownership, from 1993 Caffini transforms itself in S.p.A and, from 2003, its machines are certificated ISO 9001:2000.

The quality system guarantees an optimal control in any phase of the cycle of the production chain:

In addition, from 2010 Caffini is certified ISO 45001, which attests the full respect of all the company’s collaborators’ health and safety. Following the philosophy of the company’s mission Technology and Ecology, Caffini annually invests more than 5% of its turnover in research and development.

Before being placed on the market, each new model shall be checked by the inspection centre Enama, which is responsible for confirming compliance with European standards about machines’ good  performances, their ease of use, the safety of the user, the quality of treatment and the reduction of the drift.

The Company has a great number of patents about the design and development of technical solutions, to improve the performances of the machines, both for the remote-control systems, and for the transmission of data. Through the years, Caffini won a lot of prestigious prizes to the most important international exhibitions, like EIMA in Bologna, Sima in Paris, Fima in Saragozza, Fieragricola in Verona, Sitevi in Montpellier. 

Our vision

Caffini provides all its professionality to offer to each farmer high-performance machines, innovative and easy to use. We love taking care of our clients in each step that follows the development of a system: from the design to the assembly, from the testing to the delivery, from the after-sale service to the timely supply of spare parts, from the sale to the check in the field and exhibitions. 

Our mission:

It is our responsibility to return the world as it was lent to us: this is the awareness from which we inspire ourselves in each phase of design and development of our machines. We combine knowledge and technology in the environment, to design machines that allow all the farmers to save on costs for the purchase of plant protection products and significantly reduce the drift effect. Our company’s philosophy – Technology and Ecology – is based on a more sustainable agriculture.

Our goals

Topics like Agriculture 4.0 and Environmental Sustainability have an increasing impact in our society. For this reason, Caffini every day works to offer ecological and cutting-edge solutions. Our goal is to ensure the final user a machine always more performing in terms of efficiency and quality of treatment. Only doing this, each agricultural company can improve its level of daily productivity, without sacrificing a right application of the phytosanitary product and a save in terms of costs.


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