Discover Caffini

Caffini Spa was established in 1924 in Palù, a province of Verona, and has a long reputation of specializing in the production of crop protection machinery. Caffini Spa originally focused on the production of mist-blower sprayers, and then as the company developed also began to produce boom sprayers for the open field.

Passion and determination have contributed to the development of national and international sales, this has resulted in the Caffini brand being known and appreciated all over the world for its quality, innovation and after-sales service. 

In 1993 the company became S.p.a. whilst still maintaining the family ownership. Since 2003 Caffini Spa has been certified under the strict parameters of ISO 9001:2000 for all the quality management controls relating to projects, production, mounting, testing and after-sale service.

In 2010 Caffini Spa also received the certificate OHSAS 18001 for the respect for health and security of its business partners.

Pursuing the philosophy of the company mission of “Technology & Ecology”, every year Caffini Spa invests more than 5% of its turnover in research and development.

Prior to commercial launch, all new models are subjected to rigorous testing in the Enama (ENTAM Network) control centre to ensure that they meet the relevant European standards relating to the machine’s characteristics and performance, spray quality of treatment, drift reduction and of most importantly safety of the operator.

Caffini Spa own several patents, both for technical solutions to improve machine performance and for remote control systems and data transmission. Throughout the years a lot of our innovations have won prestigious awards at the most important international fairs, among them are “EIMA” in Bologna, “Sima” in Paris, “Fima” in Zaragoza and “Fieragricola” in Verona.

Our vision

Caffini Spa are focused on the needs of the farmer. From this perspective, our company guarantees professionalism in every single aspect of our business from the design and assembly of machines and systems though to testing and delivery, from the after-sales service to the timely provision of spare parts, from sales to tests in fields and fairs … all these things are carried out whilst paying great attention to and with respect for our customers. We love taking care of our customers!

Our mission:

The awareness that we live in this world for a limited time and that we must leave it as we found it, or even better for our children, makes us responsible for every proposed new solution. Our business mission has always been associated with two simple but important words: Technology and Ecology. This means that we use our knowledge, our technology and every development we make to help the user and the environment. In fact, by just designing new machines in a responsible way, we allow the farmers to use systems that can minimize the use of plant protection products whilst simultaneously aiming to considerably reduce spray drift resulting in a more sustainable agricultural industry.

Our goals

Modern agriculture develops rapidly, so it is fundamental for our company to always be at the forefront. Caffini Spa strives to constantly research and develop new solutions, together with studying the latest technologies that the market has to offer. Our goal is to guarantee a greater and higher performing machine in terms of efficiency and treatment quality in order to improve the daily production of your farms, without forgetting making savings in plant protection products and enhanced environmental protection.


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