The wide range of Trailed Mist Blower Sprayers by Caffini can answer to the requests of any type of productive reality. The real strength of Trailed Mist-Blower Sprayers by Caffini consists of their versatility. In fact, they provide the treatment of crops of any size. In addition, the Trailed Mist-Blower Sprayers combine a great capacity of air – necessary to obtain an optimal penetration of the phytosanitary product between the plants – with a treatment rate that considers their delicacy.  Good for vineyards, orchards and olive groves, the Trailed Mist-Blower Sprayers can be equipped with a fan with contrary inner air intake. In this way, Caffini can offer to the market a selection of professional and cutting-edge machines, able to reduce the chances in which the Mist-Blower Sprayer will inhale leaves and residues from the soil.

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