The most innovative trailed mist-blower sprayer with a new revolutionary electric drive! The usual mechanical transmission has been replaced with a more efficient and sustainable electrical transmission. Detecting with accuracy the real growth stage of the cultivations allows the system to vary autonomously the tangential air flow produced, improving the product deposition and minimizing the drift effect. The new ECUs are specifically developed in order to drastically reduced the human intervention while maintaining an high quality of treatment, respecting human health and environment.

  • Autonomous 400V electric generator
  • Ultrasonic sensor to detect canopy density in real time
  • Electrically driven fan
  • Variable rate application with PWM nozzles
  • Diaphragm pump
  • Electrical adjustments for airflow direction
  • “Synthesis” conveyor for tangential airflow
  • Dedicated ECUs box
  • Electric drives for Fan control

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