The wide range of Self-Propelled Sprayers by Caffini consists of the best solutions for the phytosanitary treatment of both high crops, such as rapeseed and maize, and horticultural crops such as salad, potatoes, and celery. The Caffini machines are different from the other Self-Propelled Sprayers in the market because they are simple to manage, and they guarantee high-level performances of treatment even in large extensions. The Self-Propelled Sprayers by Caffini are equipped with tanks containing up to 5,000 litres and spraying rods with a maximum length of 36 metres. Each Self-Propelled Sprayer can be customized with ISOBUS and AUTOPILOT technologies, to facilitate all the farmers that are driving the machine. Thanks to these supplements, you can have all the solutions for the most cutting-edge spraying, without sacrificing comfort and ease of use.  All these characteristics are possible thanks to the experience that Caffini has grown in this field.

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