Grasskilleris a synonym for revolution in the weeders’ sector. The innovative system that underlies it, fully designed by Caffini, permits to uproot the weeds thanks to the presence of a piston pump. The latter works at 1000 bar pression, to ensure optimal weeding without the use of chemical or mechanical weeds, but by using only a strong jet of water. The water weeding machine is the ideal one, not only for biological agriculture, but also for traditional farming that uses herbicides in the process of weeds eradication.

The ecological herbicide system has been patented throughout Europe and has a double version: MONO (one head) and TWIN (two heads).

  • Hot galvanized frame
  • Adjustable axle and drawbar
  • Very high-pressure pump (1000 BAR)
  • Telescopic arm with hydraulic control
  • Hydraulic adjustment of head inclination
  • Hydraulic adjustment of work inclination
  • Hydraulic feeler with sensor
  • Manual adjustment feeler intensity
  • Push-button box with remote control
  • Available in the version MONO (one head) or TWIN (two heads)

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