Since 1994 Synthesis has been the only and original trailed mist-blower sprayer with tangential air flow. The distribution is aimed at the vegetation to be treated, and it allows the drift reduction and the active ingredient saving, as well as the respect for the environment.  

Trailed mist-blower sprayer


  • Hot galvanized frame
  • 2 Speeds gearbox + neutral
  • “Synthesis” ventilator with front suction
  • “Compact” compensated motorized valve distributor with manual press adjustment, self-cleaning filter and isometric manometer
  • Low volume kit with TXB nozzles and special mixing
  • Double nozzles in brass with no-drip device
  • Automatic Premixer
  • Adjustable parking jockey wheel
  • Stainless steel tube under the frame
  • Pump in aluminum or brass

Data sheet

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