This trailed mist-blower sprayer comes complete with “Compact” compensated motorized valve distributors, “Top-Fan” with an instantaneous variable  pitch fan. Thanks to the “Reverse” fan with front suction, it does not suction the leaves, pruning residue or plant-protection product into the fan.

Trailed mist-blower sprayer


  • Hot galvanized frame and fan group
  • 2 Speeds gearbox + neutral
  • “Top Fan” ventilator with instantaneous variable pitch
  • Compensated motorized valve distributor with manual press adjustment, self-cleaning filter and isometric manometer
  • Double nozzles in brass with no-drip device
  • Automatic Premixer
  • Adjustable parking jockey wheel
  • Stainless steel tube under the frame
  • Pump in aluminum or brass

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