The PROFARMER boom sprayers are professional machines for Pesticides/ Plant Protection Products. The Gull wing folding HBS hydraulic boom can be equipped with the air sleeve AirWings, allowing the operator to benefit from all the advantages. All the ISOBUS technology are available in this range.

  • Painted steel frame after cataphoresis treatment
  • Hydraulic boom HBS painted after cataphoresis treatment, independent right/left closing
  • Vertical boom lift with hydraulic cylinder
  • Automatic spraying Computer CB9 – 5 sections
  • Premixer hopper Smart (1000-1200 l) or Maxi (for 1500 l) with canister rinsing nozzle
  • Hub Service: adjustable pressure filter, filling port and valve for circuit rinsing without dilution
  • Dry level gauge
  • Extensible parking feet
  • Option of mounting the air sleeve AIR WINGS on 15, 16 and 18 m booms

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