It is the trailed boom sprayer for recovery best performing on the market: not only the comparative tests have proved that it is the tunnel machine that realizes the best treatment also in vineyards in full vegetative growth, but the innovative recovering panels and the rear air “blade” of containing (patented by Caffini) considerably reduce the quantity of plant-protection product used and lead the drift close to zero. 

  • Steel frame, painted after cataphoresis treatment
  • Tank 1000 l
  • Steering drawbar with electronic control and double steering system
  • 4 turbines with hydraulic engine
  • Automatic spraying computer CB9
  • PATENTED rear air flow anti-drift air flow system
  • Hydraulic adjustment of panels height and width with hydraulic control
  • Independent hydraulic system
  • Double nozzles: 1 Serie Standard nozzles + 1 Serie low volume
  • Hub Service: adjustable pressure filter, filling port and valve for circuit rinsing without dilution
  • Tandem wheels
  • Hydraulic parking foot

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