It is a mist-blower sprayer with cannon devoted to treatments where a very long range and a considerable height are required (corn, sunflower). It is particularly used for phytosanitary treatment of rootworm, borer and fusariosis. 

Cannon mounted mist-blower sprayer


  • Hot galvanized frame and cannon group
  • 2 Speeds gearbox + neutral for Geomais
  • 1 Speed gearbox + neutral for Puntarossa
  • Double centrifugal turbine BIG for Geomais
  • Double centrifugal turbine SUPER for Puntarossa
  • Centrifugal clutch
  • One lever distributor with remote control and isometric manometer
  • Nozzles in brass with no-drip device
  • Hydraulic cannon head height adjustment
  • Hydraulic rotation of cannon head

Data sheet

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